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It is advisable that you purchase cushion pads which are 2 inch or 5cm bigger on each side than your cushion cover. If you cushion cover is 18" x 18" (45 x 45cm) then you should purchase a 20" x 20" (50 x 50cm) cushion inner pad. The same rule applies to an oblong or a round cushion cover. 

 All our square and oblong cushion pads tend to be a white cotton outer as we believe these are more suited to any cushion cover you may use. Our round cushion pads have a natural cream cotton outer but we can provide a white outer if you request this.

 The cushion pad outer covers are 233 threadcount cambric cotton which ensures that its down proof and feather proof. It also ensure no mites or other insects enter the filling inside the cushion pad. The fabric is 100% cotton and is glazed with with camric and gives you a nice smooth luxurious feel.

 The fillings we sell and use in our cushion pads and pillows are ethically sourced and we have certificates to certify this. Please contact us if you wish to see copies.

  • Duck feathers are generally a lot smaller than goose feathers and feature long quills with fraying fibers that portray a traditional ‘feather shape’. Quite commonly over time these quills tend to poke through the pillow or duvet which can be quite uncomfortable during usage. Duck feather pillows and duvets tend to be a lot cheaper than ones containing down feathers, although it is quite usual for them to flatten over time and after washing, lessening the longevity of the products. Duck feather pillows can be beneficial for sleepers having difficulty with temperature and firmness, although they do not provide the same level of pressure relief as some of the other synthetic filling materials.
  • Wool is renowned for its capability to regulate body temperature during the night when used in bedding products. Regardless of the seasons, Wool has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin and has been used for centuries as a natural filling material for pillows, mattresses and duvets. There are so many benefits from using wool as a filling material, mainly due to its hypoallergenic and its dust mite resistance. It is an excellent choice for the environment as it is cruelty free to the animal, sustainable, natural and comfortably soft. Research suggests that people who sleep with wool filled products generally, have a less disturbed sleep quality and help with those who suffer with night sweats and hot flushes.
  •  Hollowfibre pillows are filled with a synthetic material, similar to polyester, and are one of the most popular pillow filling choices in the UK today. This filling option is very affordable, making for a less expensive product that is readily available. They are very easy to maintain and are machine washable, making for an efficient, quick and easy clean. Hollowfibre fillings are super versatile and play an essential role in aiding many sleepers and various positions, generally they are soft enough for stomach and front sleepers whilst also providing the right amount of pressure relief for side and back sleepers.


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